And They Say Women Are Confusing! (0)

June 29, 2010: 1:48 am

What is the deal with men – seriously?

Example 1: This one I have an interest in is so fucking ambiguous, I don’t know where I stand from one second to the next. One minute, he’s flirty (is flirty the right word when referring to a guy?) and there seems to be no question that he’s interested, then the next he’s all distant and withdrawn.

Example 2: A guy I went to school with hit me up on Facebook chat tonight. I hardly spoke to him while we were in school – in fact, he even admitted that he doesn’t really remember me. Yet, by the end of our 10 minute (yes, literally 10 minutes) conversation, he was telling me that “he likes me” because I “seem like I’m on his wavelength”. The sad thing is, that 10 minute conversation was probably only 5 minutes because I was playing Heavy Rain on my PS3 during the whole thing and so wasn’t responding immediately! He even ended the conversation with “I’ll be thinking of uou.”

It left me feeling like maybe I’d agreed to marry him but had somehow missed that part of the conversation. :/

Can I have just a little bit of middle ground here? Ugh.

The Otherside (0)

June 24, 2010: 12:58 pm

I have finally gone over to the otherside and acquired an Xbox 360. No, I’m not relinquishing my (undisputed) role as a Sony fangirl just yet – a co-worker was selling his and let have it for a very reasonable price, so how was I supposed to refuse? Anyway, I needed one (research purposes for GGS).

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. :P

Holiday Blues (2)

June 17, 2010: 11:58 pm

So yeah. Another new layout. What would be really awesome is if there were some new entries to go with it… well, obviously there’s this one, even if it does come two weeks after it went up.

I’m so full of good intentions – I’ve been meaning to write here for ages. I just can’t seem to MOTIVATE!

I’ve been like this since I got back from my holiday. It’s quite sad really, I’m 33 and it was the first real holiday I’ve had abroad. My mum roped me into it, earlier this year, saying that she wanted to do a beach holiday. Why not? I thought. Might be a nice chance to see if I can actually get a tan (Texas didn’t seem to want to oblige in that department). So, last month, armed with bikinis and suntan lotion, we flew out to Turkey.

Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover how much I loved it there. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived a fairly sheltered life (snort), not having been anywhere like it before – it was awesome! The locals were friendly and helpful, the hotel was spotless and the scenery was breathtaking. We were situated just under (at the base of?) a mountain but a quick, five minute bus ride took us down to the beach.

It was so nice that I didn’t actually want to leave!

Oh well, I have a (sort of) tan and some (very!) nice memories to keep me going until the next holiday – Germany in August! Woohooo!

Oops! (0)

December 29, 2009: 1:14 am

Oh dear. I am really not looking forward to seeing my bank balance this month.

I’d love to say the reason for this is because of my generosity over the holiday season – but I’d be lying. It’s because, on Christmas day evening, I was a bit naughty and ordered myself a PS3.

Obviously I was just trying to beat the VAT increase…

This is also my excuse for when the first four seasons of Red Dwarf show up on my doorstep too. O_o